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Belief is Everything

Build you skills in a positive environment that inspires you to apply your new knowledge

Stress Less. Produce More

Develop your abilities to remove stress from your working life. Learn what you need to know to become more productive

Truly Worthy Purpose

Aktiv8u is educating through inspiring learning programs tailored to individual needs and goals


People are everything and in everything. Better more energetic people create aspiring more productive organisations


About Aktiv8u

Aktiv8u with Titus Jr

“I’ve built my teaching and coaching craft over the past 20 years in many roles including college lecturer, IT trainer with a Police force, associate trainer for several training organisations and NHS IT trainer. My mission is clear: motivate the effective sharing of knowledge through my training development, delivery and support always energising it to make it an enjoyable memorable experience”

I am an inspirational trainer. Where I find or am asked to fill a training need my focused development and delivery creates immediate positive changes. I make sure the IT is a clear asset and not an obstacle to the effectively productive completion of the requirements of job roles. My many positive evaluations, comments and references attest to my proven ability.

“I will help you to become more productive”

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