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Aktiv8u is educating through inspiring learning programs tailored to individual needs and goals


People are everything and in everything. Better more energetic people create aspiring more productive organisations



Aktiv8u specializes in the full training cycle for information technology user training, soft skills and personal development. Below are a list of links to course outlines for recently delivered courses. User training on all Microsoft operating systems and all editions and versions of Microsoft Office is available, tailored to your individual working practices, wants and needs.

We are always ready and willing to research and develop bespoke courses to meet your individual, group or organisational wants and needs. Take a look. Give us a call. Increase your moral and overall productivity.

Course Outlines

 Working with IT 1-Day Course Outline
 iPad Course Outline
 Drop-in Coaching Sessions Outline
 Team building – Course Overview
 Practical Leadership Skills – Course Outline
 Managing People – Course Overview
 Aktiv8u – Focused Team Leaders & Supervisors – Course Outline
 Aktiv8u – Effective Time Management – Course Outline
 Aktiv8u – Being Assertive at Work – Course Outline
 Aktiv8u – Customer Care Training – Course Outline
 SolveIt – Customer Service Training
 Motivate Me – Course Outline
 Motivate Me – Workshop Outline
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