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“Every problem contains within itself the seeds of its own solution.” Stanley Arnold

What is SolveIT?

SolveIT finds and delivers solutions to your software problems within 24 hours.

How does it work?

You contact SolveIT with your software question/s and we supply the solution/s within 24 hours either by phone, email or in person.

Can SolveIT create and deliver solutions for all software needs?

Simply put, YES – we promise to solve your software problems within 24 hours or you don’t pay us!

SolveIT solution experts are experienced software trainers who can source any software solutions for any package from Microsft Office to Bespoke applications.

How much does SolveIT cost?

SolveIT charges start from £50 per 90 minute session.

Your initial query/assessment is free and before we start looking for the solution we will give you an estimate and a maximum cost. If we don’t deliver you a planned solution within 24 hours you don’t pay anything!

How can I try SolveIT?

Request an initial assessment session, by phone or in person. To do this:

Call: 0845-269-8018 or 07974-417488*


Skype: solveit100

Not Problems, Solutions

Let SolveIt Create and Deliver Them To You



Contact Aktiv8u. Get your IT & personal development Solved!!

* Calls cost 5p per call, 5p per minute after 60 seconds, plus your network access charge.